Bildeserie og intervju med Kyle Meyr

Har du sett noen heftige bilder av dine skihelter, så har du helt sikkert sett noe av arbeidet til Kyle Meyr! Han har knipsa de fleste i aksjon!
Nå holder’n til i Oslo og gleder seg like mye til X Games besøk som oss. Vi har tatt en prat med han som har skutt gullfuglen flere ganger om både X Games og det og leve av å ta skibilder!


Aiight, first of, Oslo X Games coming up, I’m sure you’re attending, what do you look forward to the most?
I will definitely be at X Games and I will definitely be drunk. So, I’m going to have to go with: B) Getting drunk with the homies. That’s my final answer, Regis.
Or, more seriously, I am really excited to see the international crew of homies that I haven’t seen for a while now. Going to be cool to hang with Gus and Joss again.

Haha, nice! Would you dear to guess who’s leaving Oslo with pipe and big air gold medals?
Aaron Blunck is going to take the halfpipe gold with Gus second. Aaron’s back-to-back switch doubles are all time and Gus is… well, he’s Gus.

I would like to see big air go to Øystein, but I’m pretty sure that’s unfortunately not going to happen. Instead, I am guessing Bobby Brown will land the cleanest double 12 of all time to take it.
And, for what it’s worth, Riley Hawk will win the skateboard event, mostly because I don’t know anything about skateboarding and his dad is Tony Hawk.


Haha – I’d place a bet on behalf of your expectations, what about the girls, first time X Games Big Air, what can we expect to see?
Hahahahaha Who cares… They’re women.

Just kidding, I love women!

I predict that Lisa Zimmerman and Tiril are going to battle it out, with Tiril winning with a super clean 900. Tiril is the shit and I really want to see her win on home turf! Emma Dahlström will win the style competition that I just made up because she’s a boss and I am a big fan of that girl.


Will you bring your camera, or will this just be a party and a weekend off for you?
I thought it was just going to be a party for me… In fact, I hoped. But there is too much pressure both from clients and myself to bring the camera. Haha!
So, assuming TV2 will give me my goddamn accreditation (hurry the fuck up with that, TV2…), I will be shooting pretty much every event and creating some content for Red Bull. Which I am stoked on, don’t get me wrong.


Yes, because photography is actually your job! A lot of people bring their camera to the hill to film and photograph their friends skiing as a hobby, but how can you start making money or even a living out of this?
I could write a book on this, but the way to do it is to become more of a business man than an artist. When you’ve gotten the shots you want, go home, write 100 emails to people who could potentially pay you for them and tell them you want to meet up and brainstorm more for the future.

The real trick is to demand a meeting at a specific date and time in the next few days. If you do that enough and your photos are actually good, you will start getting more jobs than you can manage!


Sick, the secret is out! Who are you as a photographer? Are you this guy always hunting for the perfect shot and never gets satisfied, or?
I am a terrible perfectionist… If you look at a lot of my photos, you will notice that I am pretty meticulous and habitual when it comes to composition and light. It’s a pleasure to pick a style and really, really aim to nail it, but lately I’ve started living by the motto, “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough.”

Good stuff! You’re there when it gets down! What is your most memorable shoot?
Jägermeister is usually the most memorable shot. Tequila is the least.

Haha, quality! Where haven’t you shot and would like to go?
I have never shot in Japan… Suffice to say, I would love to. Everything – photo-wise – that comes out of Japan is so generic and bland… I would really like to go there and make it look less monotonous, but more impressively grand and overwhelming.


If someone made this dream come thru, who would you bring along?
I would have to bring Lars Tynes I guess, that’s a given. He is the easiest rider to shoot with, no one else gives suggestions for angles and tricks as accurately as him and it would be cool to build some kickers there instead of just hitting pillows.

But we would need a guide, and for that I would bring Eric Pollard, my childhood hero and style god. Damn, it would have been cool to bring JP as well. I have always dreamt of shooting his backflips in Japan.


That would have been a sick trip for sure! I have only prepared one more question… If you were an emoji what would you be?

kyle meyr

‘Nuff said.


Right, anything else you got to tell the people reading?
Shoutout to my wrist! Whattup, wrist?

And follow me on Instagram: @kylemeyr. You won’t regret it.

Also, thank you for actually reading this… It takes a lot of effort to put an article like this together and to know that people have read this far is what makes it worth doing again. You are the real MVP!


Kyle’s instagram er en must follow, du kan også sjekke ut hans facebookside for bilder i større versjoner og potensielle bakgrunn for PC’n. Han skriver artikler også som kan være verdt å få med seg!